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Partnership & Initiative



For Non-Profits:

  • Partnership Strategy and Alignment

  • Development of Scaled Partnership Offerings/Models

  • Partnership Presentations and Story-Telling Collateral


For Corporate Foundations:

  • Strategic Partnership Development

  • Initiative Concepting  

  • Initiative Architecture and Growth Planning 

  • If you already have an initiative that you are looking for support to revitalize or grow - check out our program management capabilities!  


Are you an issue-based non-profit with a captive audience, lots to offer

and unparalleled expertise? Or...maybe you are a corporate foundation looking to shed light on innovative careers and skills in your industry, revitalize employees and empower the communities you serve. This intersection is where we live and thrive. Let us help you create the partnerships that are aligned, a structure that will make it shine, and the resources to make a lasting difference.  


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